Back to school for ADHD Kids

Summertime enables a real mind/ body vacation for your ADHD child. They play outside and move about freely AND they don't have to focus on boring homework tasks. Many kids can go off their meds for the summer.

Many parents report a deterioration of their child's behavior, once school starts. If this is your struggle, please try to be sympathetic. All of a sudden, your child is expected to control physical movement and focus on seemingly boring information. It's a really difficult transition and the kids get irritable and testy. It's also really hard for these children to change their sleep wake cycle.


  1. Read the section ( in ADHD/ODD) on bedtime tantrums. This is a technique for training your child to get to sleep earlier.
  2. Write and illustrate an Activity Schedule for steps necessary for getting ready in the morning.
  3. You may have to set up a reward program for doing homework.

Be patient. Call the school to be on the same page as the teacher.