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The FAST (Family Attachment Skills Training) Treatment Program has, on average, eliminated ODD in 80% of the children who attended the seven weeks (seven, one-hour sessions) with their parents. To date, this rate and the treatment time to reach it, far surpasses any other nationally published parent management training programs.

  • The FAST group treatment program heals attachment between parent and child and family dynamics are transformed.
  • Children love to attend and parents report that their self esteem has been revived.
  • Handouts are concise, pictorial and memorable.

Support families, who undertake the online training, in individual sessions or by the FAST group treatment program yourself.

How it works:

  1. Register as a FAST provider.
  2. Watch the each of the 7 instructional video sessions. (Each 45 minutes long)
  3. Watch a montage of video-clips depicting the actual parent-child attachment games. These activities serve to heal attachment. Each game can be played with the entire family in your office. Free viewing.

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Download the Leader's Guide

What You Get:

  1. Written instructions for leading each session.
  2. “Prompter Notes” (a pictorial cue sheet for each session) to aid recall of the didactics and sequence of educational events.
  3. One set of original handouts for each session. These are to be photocopied and given to the parents at each session.
  4. Parents’ Frequently Asked Questions
  5. Card Handout Templates: Templates for printing small cards (Avery Business Card Blanks) to be given to parents at the end of each session. Parents love these cards. They are taped to the refrigerator with reminders of skills and concepts taught.
  6. PowerPoint Slides: Review Game
    1. In session seven, the children are the contestants in a game show format. The questions are all review. The children have learned a lot and do well. All children are engineered to be winners. The group loves the excitement and the powerful public approval during this game.
  7. The ODDRS rating forms to establish your evidence base.
  8. A sample FAST brochure to be used for marketing purposes.
  9. A guide for each of the Parent-Child Attachment Games.

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Clinician Videos

Video 1/Week 1
ODD Treatment
  1. What causes ODD?
  2. Realize you are rewarding your child’s bad behavior without knowing it.
  3. Learn what feeds defiance until it grows into a disorder.
  4. Learn what you can do to IMMEDIATELY to turn things around.
  5. Watch Video 1/Week 1 to learn what NOT to do.
Video 2/Week 2
ODD Treatment
  1. Once you know what feeds the ODD monster, you'll learn how to starve it.
  2. You are now ready to hone your skills to allow the sweet side of your child to grow.
  3. Watch Video 2/Week 2 to learn what TO DO.

Video 3/Week 3
ODD Treatment
  1. Why is your child a REPEAT OFFENDER?
  2. Most American kids are inundated by distractions.
  3. Most American parents take toys away when things go wrong.
  4. This approach will not work over the long run.
  5. Watch the video and learn about what consequences really DO WORK.
Video 4/Week 4
ODD Treatment
  1. Does your child argue with you all of the time?
  2. ODD kids live to argue.
  3. Smarter kids split hairs to argue.
  4. Arguing feeds the ODD monster.
  5. Watch this video and learn how not to take the bait for arguments...ever.
Video 5/Week 5
ODD Treatment
  1. The ins and outs of the MOST POWERFUL CONSEQUENCE.
  2. How to insure success while giving it.
  3. What to do if your child refuses.
  4. You are now ready to issue this powerful learning experience.
  5. Watch this video to insure your success.
Video 6/Week 6
ODD Treatment
  1. Are you a constant referee in sibling battles?
  2. Learn how to squash tattling.
  3. Teach your children to play and interact in a cooperative way.
  4. Watch this video to end sibling wars.

Video 7/Week 7
ODD Treatment
  1. You likely need to review all of the concepts.
  2. This session gives you a review.
  3. Six out of ten children with ODD also have ADHD.
  4. How does ADHD affect your child’s behavior?
  5. What can you do to teach your child to override the distraction and lack of motivation.
  6. Watch this video for parenting answers.
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