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Back to school for ADHD Kids

Summertime enables a real mind/ body vacation for your ADHD child. They play outside and move about freely AND they don't have to focus on boring homework tasks. Many kids can go off their meds for the summer.

Many parents report a deterioration of their child's behavior, once school starts. If this is your struggle, please try to be sympathetic. All of a sudden, your child is expected to control physical movement and focus on seemingly boring information. It's a really difficult transition and the kids get irritable and testy. It's also really hard for these children to change their sleep wake cycle.

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I Don’t Feel Love for my Child

If you are reading this, your child is hard to love. Your child disrupts everything around you. He/she destroys furniture, doors, even their own toys during a tantrum; robs you of your sleep; tortures the family pet; will not comply at the simplest request, lies, hurts siblings, is never satisfied, cries and whines constantly……etc.

YOU are exhausted. You have tried everything, you think. You parent with yelling, spankings, taking toys away but nothing phases this child and nothing changes. You try to praise the child but he/she rarely does anything praiseworthy. You just want to get on the next plane and head north, east, south or west, anywhere that is far away from the chaos, the sleepless nights, the meltdowns, the disrespectful mouth. You’re done!!

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3 Practices for Wonderful Parenting: Zen Cat’s Advice

Once upon a time there was a Mom who thought of her children as burdensome work. One late morning, she sat on a bench putting on her sneakers preparing to take a Bokwa Class. She said to the other women nearby, “This is the fourth week of school. The first week was only four days. The second week was four days. The Third week was four days and now this week they’ll be home on Friday again!!.”

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